Phantoms – Wizards from the Forbidden Galaxy

For ten thousand years the Phantom Wizards cultivated an undisturbed civilization on a green planet known as the “Phantom Kingdom”. This era of peace came to an abrupt end when the Demons attacked, forcing them to flee their planet in search of a new home. While they wander, the young Twin Princesses of the Phantom Kingdom have risen to power and become the leaders of the displaced colony. While peaceful by nature, the Phantom Kingdom has vowed to do whatever it takes to challenge the foreign onslaught and take back their lost green planet.

The Twin Princesses like to play who’s who, hiding the true locations of their defensive towers. Only one of the two Crystal Roses on the battlefield is real and houses the Twin Princesses. The other Crystal Rose is an illusion.

In combat, the enemies can’t tell which one is real and which is fake and must choose which Crystal Rose to attack first. If the fake Crystal Rose is destroyed, it will awaken the Crystal Guardian, a powerful monster, to fight against the enemies.  If the real tower is destroyed, it will release the spell and reveal the Twin Princesses.