Demons – The Immortal Warriors

Long before the existence of our galaxy, the Demons have been conquering the universe.  A group of hostile, repulsive creatures, the Demons survive by feeding on weaker lifeforms whom they deem as inferior. Calling themselves the “Immortal Warriors”, they have seen countless battles, growing in strength with each victory. Led by their master, the Demon Lord, they take great pleasure in spreading pain and destroying lives.


The Demon Lord is the commander of the Demon Race. In combat, you can deploy guard units around the Demon Lord to safeguard and protect him.

In addition to commanding his troops, the Demon Lord can go on an expedition during a battle. You may move him to any location on the map using the “Assault” command.  You may accumulate up to 3 “Assault” attempts.

In every battle the Demon Lord is given 3 lives, resurrecting after his first 2 deaths.  In order to win a fight against the Demons, the Demon Lord must be slain a total of 3 times.